Frontline Club London

_rebrand made in 2019 for an independent journalism agency based in London. Frontline Club is a media club with an extremely rich history of supporting independent and reliable journalism.

It thelps organise access for journalists to the world's most dangerous regions, such as the Gaza Strip and Syria. It also provides an effective platform for supporting diversity and professionalism in the media, promotes safe practices, and encourages both freedom of the press and freedom of expression worldwide.


The Frontline Club is famous for its commitment to helping war photographers. One of the members of the Frontline Clu is the legendary war photographer Don McCullin.

In order to make you aware of the seriousness of the work of all the media operating in war zones, I would like to stress that the above photograph taken by Don shows a soldier who was shot at the moment of taking the photo.

Frontline Club does also run a fantastic restaurant based in London Paddington. We had to design the menus and all the assets to fit the new brand identity.